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The Social Etiquette- Things you should (not) do on social media.

The world of social media is reaching more and more people every day, it is attracting new users while you are reading this article. What started as a simple platform sharing and socializing has now turned into the biggest marketing platform of them all.


Social Media has grown a lot over the years but in the last few years, it has become a go-to marketing tool for every brand. Social Media has now become a platform not to share your memories and happy moments but to showcase your skills and services. Social Media has now become a platform to provide solutions for problems faced by others.


However, there is more to social media marketing than just posting photos on Facebook and Instagram. IF you or anyone you know wishes to enter the world of social media marketing, you need to understand few basic rules that will help you run a great marketing campaign on Social Media.


Here are few dos and don’ts of social media marketing that you keep in mind when planning your social media marketing.


Do- Selecting the right platform


A social media marketing campaign is only as good as the platform it runs on. If you do not select the right platform for your campaign, it will fail even before it flies.


There are plenty of platforms to choose from. There are old and preferred platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter while new platforms like Tik Tok and other similar apps like Helo are becoming new favorites for marketers.


Selecting the right platform for your campaign is not a tough task as all you need to know is-

  • Where your target audience is?
  • Does your product or service is in tone with the vibe of the platform?


Selecting the right platform will not only help you to reach the right audience but also save your time and help you run the campaign smoothly and effectively.


Don’t-Create account on every platform


One of the most common mistakes every company does when starting their social media journey is, creating an account for their company on every platform there is. You may think that having an account on every platform is beneficial, but it is not. Creating an account on every platform can not only waste your time but in some cases it can even waste your resources like money and manpower.


For example, if you are designer, having a business account on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Medium make sense as they allow you to showcase your portfolio but operating an account on platforms like LinkedIn and Tik Tok will serve you no purpose.



Do- Break the monotony, be visually appealing


Social Media marketing is all about grabbing the attention of your customers, stopping them from scrolling further and making them want to hit that purchase button. But in order to grab your customer’s attention, you need to make sure that your post is visually good looking.



A visually appealing post on social media has the right balance of text, photos, emoticons and infographics. When you use plain boring text or only a photo as your post, it becomes boring. But as soon as you mix the text and the photo, you have a good post at your disposal. Research has shown that posts that has photo and text in it has higher interaction compared to plain text or photo posts. Always remember, a good post is a good looking post.


Don’t- #Overuse #the #hashtags


Adding hashtags to your posts opens the door for people from all over the internet to see and interact with them. Hashtags are a great way to categories your post on the internet and bundle them with every other post of the same category.



Hashtags help to increase the online visibility of your post. You need to make sure to use the right hashtags in the right context with the post. Stuffing your post with too many hashtags looks spammy and might defeat the purpose of the post.


Do- Be regular


Social Media Marketing is all about reaching the right audience at the right time. So, in order to make the most out of your campaign, use the insights you have to check when your followers are active the most. Use that data to your advantage and post when your audience is online. This will help you reach more people organically, without having to spend on ads.


Create a calendar, use it and follow it to create content for your social handles. Having a calendar will make sure you will have the content for next day ready. Calendars and To-Do lists help you to increase the productivity and efficiency. Having a planned content bucket also means you will always have fresh content on your page for the audience and visitors.


Don’t- Be Spammy and Irregular


Nothing hurts your campaign more than being irregular and spamming your feed with unnecessary content. Avoiding posting on social media on an irregular basis as it will hurt your page’s ranking.


You are representing your business and its idea on social media, not yourself. So stop spamming and posting unnecessary content that is not related to your business. Use the insights to check when your followers are online and what kind of posts they like.


Do- Think out of the box



Social Media Marketing is different from traditional form of marketing. Social media allows you to be creative and different, something that traditional form of marketing did not provide with.


When you start being creative, start experimenting with your campaigns, you start gaining traction on your campaigns. When you start thinking creatively, you stand apart from your competition. Your creativity and uniqueness makes sure that you get organic traffic on your landing pages without having to spend much.


Using memes and trending formats to showcase your product means you have higher chance of connecting with your audience which in turn can result in conversion.




DO YOU REALISE HOW ANNOYING IT IS TO READ SOMETHING THAT ISWRITTEN THIS WAY. Stop capitalizing every word in your captions and even in your images. When you write something in ALL CAPS it may look good as it can indicate a tone of anger or shouting.


Highlighting a keyword using the all caps option is OK but writing everything will ruin the caption and take away the importance of your write up. Instead, if you wish to highlight long sentences, use the Italic or the Bold option or use quotation marks (‘’).


Marketing a product has never been easy but marketing them using social media is something that every brand is doing. Follow the above points to leverage the social platform for yourself as a marketing tool and enjoy the benefits of the miracle called the internet.

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