Bhushan Kummar


I am a growth driver.

You could even call me an engine that pulls small businesses and gives them impetus on their journey by generating leads with social media advertising – for example, Facebook ads.

I have been working in the area of digital marketing for the last 6 years and have a proven track record. What makes me different from other digital marketers, and helps me stand out, is that I have migrated into digital marketing from advertising. This helps me understand the importance of creativity and implementation.
I have been a Senior Creative Director on Mahindra Commercial Vehicles and Personal Vehicles. Mahindra is one of the world’s largest auto players.

I was a creative director with Mudra advertising, handling Future Group’s brand Big Bazaar – one of India’s largest consumer retail players.
Effectivity, response, and numbers were the buzzwords here. I was part of many retail phenomena with which Big Bazaar created history in the Indian market.
Having played the advertising game for so long, I find that one can do wonders with that experience in the digital world. Because my belief is that communication budgets do not create brands. ideas do.


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