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4 Unique Tools for your next Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketing has been all the rage and the go-to trend for businesses for some time now. Every business- big or small, new or old has tried the digital route in one way or the other.


What sets digital marketing apart from the traditional forms of marketing is the sheer volume of variety it offers. When compared to traditional forms of marketing, digital marketing offers more fun and interactive ways to promote your product and brand.


One of the great aspects of this process is the uniqueness it brings with it. Marketing your product is all about thinking outside the box by positioning and placing yourself in a unique manner. This cannot be more true when marketing your product and brand digitally.


Digital marketing is all about ‘thinking outside the box’ and placing yourself in such a way which hasn’t been done by any other brand yet. But, in order to position yourself uniquely, you need to use tools that are unique and not used by your competition.


While you may have heard of tools like BuzzSumo and ubersuggest, there are plenty of other tools that offer similar (if not more) functionality along with some additional extra features.


Here are 4 such unique applications and tools that you should use and integrate with your digital marketing process.


1) Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a SEO and SEM tool and probably an underrated one. Ahrefs offers a host of different features that most of its competition fail to offer.


The Ahrefs site explorer allows you learn everything you wish to learn about your competition’s website. It allows you to have a sneak peak at your competition’s website and see from where the major chunk of its traffic comes. The tool also allows you to see their rankings on specific keywords and how many sites link back to them and who provides those backlinks.


Apart from this, Ahrefs also provides social listening feature. The tool lets you set alerts whenever a site ranks on a particular keyword of your choice or if that keyword is mentioned on the web in a pre-defined manner. This feature also lets you see most shared forms of content across the web for the keywords.


If you are someone who is fascinated by numbers and stats, than, this is the tool for you. Ahrefs tool crawls over 5 billion web pages daily while going through 3 trillion URLs to find content relevant to your search query. The organic keyword search tool is also another unique and interesting tool in Ahrefs arsenal. The keyword database has data for over 150 organic keywords across 170 countries.


While Ahrefs offers all the regular features that any other SEO and SEM tool offers like competitive analysis, keyword research, backlink and content research, it also offers something that the competition lacks and fails to offer. It offers a personalised and unique experience which is unparallel. The tool offers 24-hour customer service to all its users and also has a private community on Facebook in which the developers constantly engage with the users of the tool.


Another unique aspect of the site is pool of developers it has at its disposal. The developers are working round the clock to bring in unique features that help the tool to stand out from the rest.


The pricing for Ahrefs starts $99/month. The tool also offers a trial period of 7 days for $7 which covers every service the application has to offer.

2) App Annie

Everyone talks about how crucial and integral websites are in the digital marketing process. But most of us, including professional marketers often tend to look past the importance of a good mobile app and its importance in your brand’s digital journey.


Mobile applications are a crucial tool of your digital marketing process and must not be overlooked. Today, every one of us has a smartphone and we are more glued to it than we are to our television screens. On an average, we use 40 different mobile applications every month.


Here is where App Annie comes in. It a unique mobile application data tool that provides data to help users to develop and deploy the perfect mobile application experience.


App Annie provides you with a unique insight on how users interact with their mobile apps and how time they spend on various aspects of the app. This tool offers insights on how users interact with different kinds of apps along with providing data for what kind of apps are preferred by users across various regions.


App Annie provides all this insights to its users from data collected across various mobile app stores like Google Playstore and Apple App Store. All these insights and data come in handy and can prove valuable for you to create a unique mobile app experience for your users, helping you stand out from your competition while also providing a seamless app experience for both- android and iOS.

3) Kred

Kred is a unique platform that helps you find the right influencer to promote your brand or product. If you are a brand who relies heavily on influencer marketing to market your product then, Kred is the tool you have always been looking for.


Kred studies influencer marketers across various niches and sees their engagement levels over different social media. It keeps score of all the influencers, making your life easier, helping you find the right influencer for your next campaign.


Kred has a unique rating system that rates all the influencers across various platforms of social media. The main aspects considered by the algorithm when rating influencers is- how effectively their social media posts inspire their audience to take an action.


It also considers the amount of likes, comments and share every post gets and then suggests you the best influencer to target your niche effectively and efficiently.

4) Venngage

Venngage is another underrated application that often flies under the radar of many marketers. Venngage is an useful application that helps you break down larger pieces of information into smaller, byte-sized contents and that too, in a unique and presentable way.


The popularity of bite-sized content is growing every day. Audience are interacting more with campaigns that are in infographic form, breaking down crucial information into simpler more understandable format.


Take advantage of this and create awesome infographics for your campaigns using Venngage and its collection of pre-built templates. Venngage offers customization allowing you to add graphics, icons and text to already existing templates and make personalized for your campaigns.


There are many more applications and tools that offer a unique experience and are great alternatives to mainstream digital marketing tools and applications, but I find theses 4 tools cover all the bases of digital marketing and help create the perfect campaign for your product and brand.

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