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The automated world of social media marketing.

One of the most fascinating features of human life is TIME. We humans have always been fascinated with the idea of time and how it works. For quite some time, we have been trying to figure out how time travel works, trying to find a way to get a sneak peek of the future or project ourselves back into the past.


Although none of it is yet possible, thanks to constant innovation and research, at least I, as a social media marketer can ‘Time Travel’ to some extent. While this may not be the conventional concept of time travel you have seen in some movies or read about, but it helps me get my work done.


The time travelling trick that I am talking about here is, AUTOMATION. Yes, you read it write! Automation in social media marketing has helped me to travel to the future to some extent. Thanks to constant innovation in the process of automation and its integration with the Digital Marketing process, time travel has become possible, at least for us, social media marketers.


Thanks to automation, I can schedule post for the future without skipping a beat. I can schedule posts for next two days, two weeks or even for the entire month while also enjoying my vacation at the same time.


Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

Apart from allowing me to schedule posts for the future, Automation has helped ace my social media marketing game without breaking any sweat. Here are few other benefits of automating the social media marketing process that you should know about.

Making the process comfortable

According to a survey, any social media marketer spends an average of 11-15 hours/week, every week just posting different forms of content on various social media networks. This is something that can be cut into half if the process is automated.


There are varieties of different social media platform out there and all of them require content in different form. Some require video content while some allow content in written form. It is hard to be on the top of every platform with the right content type every time. This is where automation comes in.


Automation helps me to schedule the right post and content for the right platform without wasting much time. The automation of social media marketing process is a big boon and a life saver for every marketer out there.

Time efficient

Apart from allowing me to schedule the right piece of content for the right time- Automation also allows me to schedule your content for the right time.


Let’s consider that I am a Social Media manager of a brand whose primary audience is in USA. Now, it is my duty to make make sure that I post the content when they (my primary audience) are online. This means I need to post my content during midnight here. While, I can do it for a week or two, doing it every day isn’t possible. This is where automation comes in.


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It allows me to schedule my post for times when my audience is online the most, allowing me to target them more effectively and efficiently.


Posting your content at the right time also means your audience never misses your post.



Collaboration is the need of the hour for every business. Automation tools like Buffer and Hootsuite allow users from different places to collaborate and work seamlessly on a project without any hassle.


Automation tools have made it easier for users to share their work on a single network without any problems and in a effective and pro-active way.

Reports and Analyses

Another intriguing feature of automation tools is the wide variety of reports and analyses that they provide. Automation tools have an reports and analyses option which provides an excellent and completely detailed reports for all my social media marketing campaigns.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Through this reports, I can find what kind of content is popular amongst my audience. I can also see what kind of content is shared the highest. The reports also highlight the most and least interacted posts from my campaign, helping me to identify what kind of posts stick with my audience.


These reports come in handy when I am setting up my next campaign as I have an idea of what kind of content my audience likes.


Apart from the above mentioned features, automating your social media marketing efforts has many other advantages. For instance, you can set your tool to reply automatically on behalf of your page when certain actions are triggered.


Remember, automation is a process that will help you with your social media marketing efforts but be cautious. In the process of automation, do not start sounding like a bot and act like a human. Make sure your auto-replies have a natural, human-like tone and not a scripted voice.


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